How to Plan and Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to make reservations?

No tickets or reservations needed.


What should I bring?

Simply bring your blanket or low-lying chair, your picnic, and remember to show up early to find a place in the audience that suits you. Blankets and low-lying chairs sit towards the front and high-backed chairs sit towards the back.  Since the show is outdoors you may want to bring some sunscreen, bug spray and possibly a light jacket.  Oh, and don’t forget some water!


Is the show appropriate for all ages?



How long is the show?

1 hour and 15 minutes.


Do I need to be vaccinated?

We would absolutely appreciate all of our attendees being fully vaccinated; however, we also understand that certain people may not be able to receive the vaccine.  If you cannot get the vaccine then we kindly request you wear a mask and find comfortable seating that is socially distanced from other attendees. Bringing kids under age 12? We will let you make the call about what’s best for your child’s safety, but we do recommend that they be masked at all times while at the park.


Check how you’re feeling before you arrive.

If you are feeling ill, running a fever, or any other illness symptoms, please stay home.


Plan in advance.

Plan to arrive 30-60 minutes early to get yourself settled to see the show. If you’re new to Volunteer Park please make sure you know how to get there and plan for the potential of traffic. Bring food. Bring beverages. Bring low height chairs or blankets. Have a joy filled picnic prior to the show.


Bring your mobile device. 

We will be offering digital programs in the park to minimize our contact with each other (and it helps cut down on waste). You’ll be able to access the program through your mobile device. Instructions to do so will be available at the park. We will have a limited number of print programs available for those who would like them. Cell phones and pagers are disruptive to actors and audiences so please remember to silence them prior to the start of the show.


Be flexible.

It’s Theatre22’s first park show and it has been a very long time since we were in social settings together.  We ask for understanding and grace from you for us, yourself, and others as we work out the kinks of being together in new ways. Operationally things might be a little rusty. Socially things might feel a little new. If someone needs space, please give it to them. Breathe. Have patience and grace. Enjoy the moment.


Go to the bathroom before the show.

Volunteer Parks bathroom is located next to the Observatory at the north end of the park.


Give generously.

We can’t do free theatre in the park without your support. If you have the means, please make a donation either online or at the event. Artists and arts organizations were the first to close from the pandemic and the last to open. You make all of this possible and we love being here with you, in community. Donations make this possible and can be made at the park (we will pass the hat) or can be made anytime HERE.


Tell your friends and family.

If you have a good time, tell your friends and family or share a post on social media.


Can I bring my dog(s)?

Yes! We do ask that your dog be leashed at all times.  If your dog is a barker, this will distract our actors which could create a safety hazard.  Barking dogs should be removed quickly for the safety of the actors and the enjoyment of the other audience members.


Anything else?

Please be courteous to your fellow patrons and refrain from smoking in the audience or near the production areas.


Oh, and…

We are so grateful you are here!  We sure did miss you!

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