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The Construction Zone

The Construction Zone

A series of new plays presented as a Festival (one reading per week for one month), The Construction Zone provides playwrights with opportunities to develop and share new work, while providing audiences with an intimate and meaningful exposure to the process. Curated by Theatre22 and Artistic Associate Julie Beckman with support from ACT's Artistic Director John Langs, four plays will be chosen for the series and each will be of the moment and feature gifted playwrights from around the country.

Not F@#%ing Around

Not F@#%ing Around

Whether you’re producing a one woman show, starring on Broadway, writing your first monologue or pushing through your current production, tapping into your creativity is absolutely key. The ones who bend (or break) the rules and shine their punk rock hearts— these are the ones who kick ass in the world. And make a difference. (And get paid.) 

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