Tuesday November 1st  at 7pm
12th Ave Arts Studio Theatre

Hosted by Jeff Leisawitz, author of the book Not F*ing Around : The No Bullsh*t Guide for Getting Your Creative Dreams Off the Ground.
Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire actors, writers, artists and musicians to amp up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world.

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Whether you’re producing a one woman show, starring on Broadway, writing your first monologue or pushing through your current production, tapping into your creativity is absolutely key. The ones who bend (or break) the rules and shine their punk rock hearts— these are the ones who kick ass in the world. And make a difference. (And get paid.) If you’re…
— stuck in the muck
— losing sight of your vision
— lost in indecision
— discouraged, overwhelmed or frustrated
— in need of an Awesome Infusion from humans who know the score
… it’s time to pick up some wisdom from people who have stepped into their dreams. And are making it happen. For. Real.

Not F*ing Around LIVE! The 7Questions of Creativity is a panel discussion with local theatre superstars. These questions drill into ideas, techniques, perspectives and actions that work.
Instead of banging your head against the wall (more than necessary), pick up some rocket fuel. Fire up your mission. Blast off into your true potential.

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The Panalists


Julie Beckman Headshot

 Julie Beckman

As a theater director and adapter, Julie Beckman is all kinds of amazing. Give her a stage full of actors and something remarkable will happen. Guaranteed. She recently directed critically acclaimed productions of Annapurna and Water by the Spoonful for Theatre22. Scroll down the resume and you can find her credits all over Seattle. Her adaptations have also been produced in Chicago, DC, Cincinnati, Atlanta, St. Louis and Winnipeg. Julie is a Gregory Nominated Director. And obviously, she’s got it going on.

Angela di Marco Headshot

 Angela DiMarco

Angela DiMarco has been on stage and in front of the camera for twenty years— and has racked up three Gregory Award nominations (so far). You may have seen her on stage at the Seattle Rep, ReAct or Village Theater. Or on the tube on Grimm or Z Nation. Her company, Mighty Tripod Productions, screened a feature film in SIFF this year. When she’s not acting up a storm, she’s teaching local artists to Be Mighty at her studio. Angela DiMarco is obviously Not F*ing Around.

Desdemona Change Headshot

Desdemona Chiang

What do you do if you get a degree in Biology and Theater, Dance and Performance Studies? If you’re Desdemona Chiang you head to grad school for an MFA in Directing, score a Gregory Award for Outstanding Direction, do a whole lot of miles between San Francisco and Seattle, co-found a mission based theatre company called Azeotrope, and direct a serious ton of awesomeness along the way.


Kelly Kitchens

As the Artistic Associate with Seattle Public Theater, Kelly Kitchens brings it not only to the Bathhouse at Greenlake, but all over the region. She’s been putting in the hours as a pro actor, director and teaching artist since the late 90s, working with Book-It, Seattle Rep, Seattle Opera, Seattle Shakespeare Company and many more. Kelly is a Gregory nominated director and the winner of the Gregory Award for Outstanding Director. She’s an all-around powerhouse with a big and beautiful vision.

Scotto Moore Headshot

 Scotto Moore

Scotto Moore likes words. And ideas. And stories. He has written dozens of short plays and plenty of feature length productions and adaptations including Balconies, interlace (falling star), Duel of the Linguistic Mages and many, many others. His works have been nominated for the American Theatre Critics Association’s Steinberg New Play Award and he’s been nominated for a Gregory Award for Outstanding Playwright. Scotto knows a thing or two about writing theatre. And getting his ideas onto the stage.

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